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Project Overview

The HP Linux Common Operating Environment (LinuxCOE) is a global engineering program which facilitates provisioning and lifecycle support of Linux systems. Key deliverables are to increase reliability, availability, maintainability and performance of global infrastructure and production environments by maintaining a minimum number of platform and component configurations.


  LinuxCOE is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Getting Started

  The LinuxCOE SystemDesigner is a web application that allows a user to repeatably install, configure, and maintain Linux system installations. To get started, download the LinuxCOE SystemDesigner and follow the documented installation and configuration procedure.


  The LinuxCOE SystemDesigner is a CGI-based interface to:
  • generate boot images for network or local media based installations
  • save profiles that store custom installation preferences for later re-use
  • retrofit already deployed systems by overlaying bundles of packages for other value-add components


  You can download the latest LinuxCOE version via any of the following methods:
  • to track the very latest modifications, simply follow these instructions for anonymous CVS access
  • obtain the latest snapshot (gzip'd tar file) of CVS artifacts
  • obtain the current release of package snapshots (RPMs and DEBs)
  • test drive a LiveCD image containing a current release of the LinuxCOE SystemDesigner



Contact Us

  Project Lead - Craig Lamparter
Core Developers - Lee Mayes and Bryan Gartner

Join us on the LinuxCOE IRC Channel at irc://
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